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Jalaja Waterworks is guided by the clear agenda of rebuilding the future by providing solutions for the ever growing fresh water crisis and proving best quality safe drinking water to the society. Jalaja Waterworks also works towards innovative ideas of saving fresh water by recycling of waste water through our water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and other harvesting ideas. We are not just a firm but an initiative to tackle the growing freshwater crisis that we face today. It is our combined effort to reduce water pollution and dependency on the governing bodies to supply the most basic necessity to the ever growing demand and handle the waste water on a macro scale in order to prevent contamination of natural water bodies.


To provide safe, healthy and clean water to the community, institutions and all users with our economical solutions and innovations in making the best treatment plants for any surface or groundwater resources keeping all the essential minerals intact and to spread awareness on how not saving/recycling water can be expensive in the long run which will have both social and economical impacts in the near future.


To make each and every large institution self dependent for atleast 50% of their daily water needs and to provide the whole of humanity best affordable services for the life giving basic necessity -water. Hence, making it easy to conserve this precious resource for the coming generations.



We at Jalaja Waterworks, work on the principle of not over utilising one resource inorder to save other and hence our plants are made compact and modular and in some cases where space permits even vertical plants to make use of gravity for most of the processes in order to reduce lifetime pumping costs and to save energy. We make affordable solutions to best suit every customer as our services are highly customisable as each project and scenarios differ from each other. We believe in making plants that have low maintenance for its sustainability. We have expertise to find solutions even for most complex scenarios and our multistage plants give better quality treated water to meet the national standards for desired purpose of use.


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