Commercial RO/UF/NF Plants

Commercial Drinking Water

We make Commercial Drinking water plants of two types Centralized and Decentralized

Centralized System

In centralized system - the plant is generally on the roof top or some higher level to treat water in commercial plants that runs for longer duration with less need for maintenance as compared to centralized plants. The water is then drawn through pipeline to desired drinking water points where coolers can be installed. These points can be in all lower levels and doesn't need any pumping as the water flows to them through gravity. Useful for large users such as hostels, hotels, schools, colleges, office complex etc.

Decentralized system

In Decentralized system - the plants are either inbuilt or separate plants with water coolers which are stand alone units to cater limited number of users like in restaurants, specific office, canteen, separate units for each floors etc.

Both these systems can be made using different membrane technologies.