Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

STPs are designed to treat Black water that is flushed from toilets and contains human excreta and urine The black water usually is drained into municipal sewer (drains) Grey water and black water together forms bulk of what is known as municipal sewer water and the sewage. The treatment design depends

on the intended reuse If reuse is only intended as one time reuse for horticulture, washing floor, vehicles etc. then the partial treatment would be economical and serve the purpose Better alternative is to treatment the black water for perpetual use in toilet flushing system The treatment process would consist of removing the sludge and disinfect the waste water for recycling. There are many different technologies available to treat Sewer water, from MBBR to even electro-coagulation methods. The water can be treated from primary, secondary, tertiary and even advance level depending upon the desired end use.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant ETP needs to be efficient to meet environmental regulations. We at Jalaja Waterworks offer a complete package of solutions for the problems associated with ETPs. We have a team of experts to understand the requirements and to design a customised solution for

every individual client as the problems and the nature of effluents always differs case to case.ETP plants are highly effective wastewater treatment systems. It can remove organic, inorganic, and hazardous materials, and it can also treat water containing high suspendedsolids, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. The main purpose of an ETP plant is to prevent the release of contaminated water into the environment, thereby preventing its harmful effects. A well-designed ETP plant will minimize the amount of contamination released into the environment. ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) can also be achieved by making the use of treated water for desired purposes and plants we design meets the stringent statutory requirements by the governing and regulatory bodies.


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