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Our Swimming pool water treatment plant ensures the pool remains clear and clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens to make them safe and healthy for the users Swimming pool water is treated in various different steps Starting from first transporting water from swimming pools to a water purification plant Where it flows it will flow through a hair removal filter, which removes raw pollutions, such as hair, twigs and leaves from water. After that, it goes through a flocculation process which causes small colloidal particles to bind together such as skin tissue and fibers from user’s clothes etc. This group of pollutants also concerns colloidal pollutants, such as saliva, soap remains, cosmetic products and skin fats. When these pollutants are abundant, they cause turbidity.

Floating particles are removed from water through Rapid sand filters.The sand filter is backflushed periodically. The advance process of disinfection can be carried out by several methods The most commonly used process is chlorination.

But as we all know chlorine is carcinogenic in nature. Alternative disinfection techniques that we provide are highly recommended.
1) Ozonation - ozone generators can be installed to minimise the usage of chlorine. For more details on ozone generators please visit our products section.
2) UV Filtration - UV filtration is another technique used to disinfect water using UV-C lamps that uses radiation technology to neutralise the pathogens in water. Both these systems can minimise the use of chlorine to tolerable level and thus making your swimming pool safe and healthy.

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